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beach picture during summer

Ten (10) Things to do in Summer Without Breaking Your Bank

Has your countdown to summer vacation started? We are a month and half away from every students’ favourite time of the year. Most International Students would have already planned what to do during this time down to the T. There is still a few of us who are clueless on how to make the best use of the three-month vacation. If you are the latter of the student group, this article was written just for you. We are giving you ideas on how to spend your time without breaking your bank or feeling weary.

how to study effectively

Ten (10) Highly Effective Study Habits for University Students

I am sure you know how tough it can be to concentrate on that assignment or chapter when it really matters, but can’t! You can’t go to class without preparation, which means you have to do the readings, answer the homework questions and any other work that will contribute to participation marks. If you are not used to such study structures, it can be distressing, and procrastination could put you behind for the semester and lead to last minute cramming. If you want to know how to make studying interesting, effortless and effective through proven methods, this article is for you.

International Students Must Select Courses to Enhance 2020 Skills | World Economic Forum

International Students spend between $10,000 to $50,000 for tuition. On top of that spend on living cost and incur an opportunity cost. What is the point if what you learnt is worthless by 2020? We are already witnessing the changes in the job market with 34% of graduates in Australia unable to find full-time work. We are already feeling the impact by being the highest qualified but least paid generation. This pattern will worsen in five years time. Article explains what 2020 skills are, how to select the best course to study at University and how to ensure you survive the Australian job market in the coming decades!

Healthy snacks

7 Healthy Study Snacks for Students

Final assessments and exams are creeping in very soon, time to pull all-nighters? What gets me through this period is ensuring that I have plenty of snacks to keep me hunger-free and energised to make it through the night. It is easy to have chips, biscuits and all the other ready to eat snacks at your disposal because we all have that bad habit of prioritising work over healthy eating. This article is for all those seeking combo of affordable and healthy snacks to power through study sessions.

resume writing template

Winning Strategy to Write a Resume | FREE Samples Provided

Read this if you want to build your resume to impress! I think most stressful days were when I started hunting for jobs as an International Student. All I received was rejection after rejection. Discouraged and demotivated, I asked myself how could this happen when the employer didn’t even interview me? Root cause was my resume. Once I revamped my resume, I received responses and successfully locked in interviews. I am going to show you how to write a resume by sharing tips relevant to the Australian job market, a free resume template and keywords you could utilise.