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“Google It” – Answer to your question

I have used or heard the phrase Google It countless times, I am surprised it is not added to the dictionary already. I would define it as, Do It Yourself. I am a problem-solver by nature; friends, family and colleagues approach on a daily basis with issues and concerns on various topics. Most of the answers to these issues are easily solved through Googling – because this is how I find solutions. Yes, you might argue some issues are solved better with a bit of personal touch. Let’s be honest, most of the answers can be Googled without troubling another person. Some questions may seem impossible if it is not your forte, yet you will never know how easily it is solvable if you don’t attempt.

Least favourable holiday destination: Singapore

I was so excited to start my one week travel to Singapore in December 2017. It was a challenging year and I felt so deserved of this short vacation. During my pre-travel research, many friends and bloggers advised me against travelling to Singapore and recommended picking a different holiday destination. The stubborn person that I am, decided to go anyway. Oh boy, oh boy, what a mistake, I should have listened to wise.

23 invaluable lessons I have learned

18th September 2015 – I AM 23! I started writing this list exactly one month ago – 18th August 2015. I completed it two hours ago. I gave this a lot of thought, and think this covered most of the important lessons (in no particular order). Reflecting on incidents that made an impact on my life was an inspiring exercise. Most people might see 23 years like a short period. However, if you look closely, you can learn so much from each situation. Whether you are younger or older, here is some wisdom I got in my 23 years that you might find interesting.