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Ten (10) Things to do in Summer Without Breaking Your Bank

Has your countdown to summer vacation started? We are a month and half away from every students’ favourite time of the year. Most International Students would have already planned what to do during this time down to the T. There is still a few of us who are clueless on how to make the best use of the three-month vacation. If you are the latter of the student group, this article is just for you. We are giving you ideas on how to spend your time without breaking your bank or feeling weary.

Ready? Let’s go…

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1. Find a job

How will you break your bank when you actually earn money over the vacation? There are so many ways International Students can earn, and the best part is that you have unrestricted work rights during vacation period. Many retailing stores are looking for employees to pick up shifts during the holiday rush. Don’t wait till the beginning of the summer vacation to job hunt, start now. The jobs get filled up right away.

2. Enrol in a couple of units

This is similar to summer school, where you can enrol for a couple of extra units. This will either help you finish your course earlier or make your last semester less stressful. Not all units are offered during summer vacation so just make sure the units you pick are relevant for your course and you receive full credits. As it is a short period, it may seem like a crash course with time sensitive deadlines.

3. Summer internships

Whether overseas or in Australia, an internship in your relevant field is a great way to gain some work experience. This will take a long way when you graduate and is seeking for full-time employment. Just as mentioned in point 1, be sure to apply for internships right away. You can begin your search at the University careers page. In addition to that try reaching out to your lecturers, who may be aware of possible opportunities.

4. Explore Australia

Remember when you first arrived in Australia, you had the Australian dream of travelling to every corner of the country but never had the time. Well, what better time than summer vacation to make that dream come true! Australia is a large country, cum continent. Realistically you may not cover every inch and truthfully it can be very expensive, but there are many places in your own state that you could explore. Insider Guides got a comprehensive article on Short Trips for International Students in all states.

As a bonus, whilst exploring the country, you can also make pit-stops at your friend’s and/or relative’s who live in other states or regional suburbs whom you don’t get to see often.

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5. Travel home

Tendency to feel home sick is natural, so summer vacation is a good time to visit your family and friends. This could be expensive especially if you haven’t booked your tickets well in advance. The best bet would be avoiding December and early January peak travel times. You could find much cheaper travel options from late January to mid February. Booking directly from airline may be expensive, so reach out to travel agents like Student Flights and Flight Centre. Make sure you haggle for the best price by collecting different quotes because travel agents do price-match.

6. Travel to cheaper Asian countries

Travelling overseas may seem expensive. Yet, if you budget and plan well, this is very much doable to some Asian countries for at least 10 days with less than $500.00 (excluding airfare). Airfare could range from anywhere between $400.00 to $1000.00; it is the only aspect that may break your bank if you don’t have savings. Airfare to Asia is cheaper if you live in Western Australia. However, in order to save on airfare, travel during non-peak times (late January to mid February) and book tickets for weekday departure and arrival. Two of the cheapest Asian countries I recommend is Bali and Thailand. These two countries are affordable and there are tons of activities and places to visit.

We will cover an article on budget travelling to Bali in the near future – stay tuned.

Nusa penida

7. Start or continue your hobby

How about continuing that hobby that you gave up amidst the busy study schedule? Or starting that hobby that you really wanted to but never got around? The most difficult part is getting started. Utilise these study-free three months to get started and even turn your hobby to a side hustle once your semester commence. There are so many ideas for a hobby and I am linking a few articles down below to help you brainstorm.

8. Start a mini-project

This is serious than a hobby and definitely more value adding to your resume. The project could either be relevant to your field or you can divert into a completely different field of your passion. If you are familiar with coding, develop a mobile app. If you are a photographer, develop website using SquareSpace to highlight your portfolio. Whilst it is a great way to occupy your time productively, you are also developing and enhancing your skills. If you don’t know where to start, thanks to YouTube you will find plenty of tutorials to help with your mini-project.

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9. Break away from your routine

For crying out loud it is summer vacation! If you are planning to stick to your normal routine as rest of the semester, you are missing out. Write a (100) list of things you like to do this summer, such as going to the beach, having breakfast at a new cafe, reading a new book, morning jogs, watching New Year fireworks, participating in Christmas activities, volunteering and so forth. Make through the list within the three months.

10.  Time for yourself

After a year of hard work, stress and all-nighters, you deserve some time to relax, catch up on sleep and spend time for yourself. It is perfectly acceptable to rejuvenate for about a week after exams before you dive in to all the summer activities.

girl at the beach

What have you got planned for this summer? Let us know down below.

Until next time…

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