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Least favourable holiday destination: Singapore

I was so excited to start my one week travel to Singapore in December 2017. It was a challenging year and I felt so deserved of this short vacation. During my pre-travel research, many friends and bloggers advised me against travelling to Singapore and recommended picking a different holiday destination. The stubborn person that I am, decided to go anyway.

Oh boy, oh boy, what a mistake, I should have listened to wise.

The first impression of a country is the airport. The Changi Singapore Airport, so-called “World’s Best Airport” was chic and modern, it was displeasing to my eyes. It is so unnecessary to have a butterfly garden, FREE massage chairs, a large variety of duty-free shops, 24-hour cinemas, and other facilities designed to offer an experience to travellers.

I mostly used the MRT service (underground trains) to travel to most places. It seemed unusuall that trains were always on-time and fares are quite affordable for a quality service. I generally prefer late-services paired with exorbitant cost. There are so many exits, routes and by roads, navigating is near to impossible for a foreigner. Even though there are WiFi hotspots in every street corner, who needs Google Maps, when you got an actual map and an eye for direction.


Moving on, the Singapore city is ordinary and plain boring. It is unnatural to experience a clean city as Singapore where the rule of “no littering” is practised. The city’s unimpressive architecture and dull skyline didn’t allow for any picturesque captures.



The city is built on blocks of buildings next to buildings, with no glimpse of greenery. Talk about contributing to global warming.


Singapore’s famous Gardens by the Bay is a man-made version of a botanical garden. It lacks originality, colour and exotic plants. The Gardens is small in size that it takes closer to five to six hours to explore thoroughly.


Moreover, I am a nature girl, so this wasn’t the place for me. There was no 4.5 kilometre hiking trail leading a to a “Tree Top” suspension bridge with an aerial view of a rainforest canopy.



In fact, when we think about travelling Asia, we want to see the vibrant cities, and indulge in the local food and culture. Diversity in Singapore is non-existent. It doesn’t embrace the Indian, Chinese and Arab diaspora like most other Asian countries.





As a result of the conformity placed by the Singaporean government, creativity amongst local people and businesses is restricted. What a disappointment see the joy and enjoyment amongst the adults and children at the Art Science Museum, Gardens by the Bay light show and Cloud Dorm. It goes to show the poor marriage between technology and imagination.

Lights squar 2


Let’s not get me started with Universal Studios. It is has barely any attractions except for Battlestar Galactica, Transformers, Shrek, Jurassic Park, Madagascar, Puss in the Boots, Minions and World of Mummies. I mean, it is so small compared to other Universal Studios like the one in Florida, an US State with an area of 170,305 km² as oppose to Singapore, a country with an area of 719.9 km². Even Sentosa Island didn’t have any attractions that created an adrenaline rush like Zip Lining or Bungee Jumping.



So next time you decide to visit Singapore, Don’t. But, hey, what do I know, don’t take my word for it. Check out this video (CLICK HERE) I made of my miserable travel to Singapore.

*wink wink*

Until next time….

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful country and pictures confirm it. The experience I had, when visited S’pore, was memorable. Felt so proud to be an Asian. What they have done within such a small land is remarkable .

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  2. But I like busy, crowded, vibrant places like Singapore. I can not stay in lonely places for more than 1 day. That is why I do not like lonely beaches in Maldives. I like vibrant cities like Shanghai and Singapore. But I do not mind spending 1 week in a place like Angkor Wat in Siem Rip , Cambodia where I can time travel to year 10th century.


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