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Game, Set, Match – What Tennis Has Taught Me

It is that time of year again – Wimbledon 😀 As my mom and I sit in front of the television waiting for today’s highlights, we started discussing how tennis is a peculiar sport. Part of this conversation were the numerous lessons we can incorporate into our personal and professional life.

Be humble

As a fan of the game, I admire players who treat their team, umpires, ball boys / girls and other players with respect.You maybe the star of the game, but there are others that contribute to your success.

Own up to your mistakes

Tennis is a streak of successful and unsuccessful games. It is obnoxious to play the blame game by giving excuses for losing. Instead of looking for who and what to blame, accept defeat gracefully, learn from your mistakes and get back up with a better game.

Practice, practice, practice

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Some players start with a weak serve, backhand or forehand, but show tremendous improvement overtime. The only way a tennis player can improve is through practice. Look up, get up and never give up.

Everyone is not your fan

Sometimes when the players walk in to court, one player has more stadium support than the other. While some let that get to them, others ignore it and play their A game. Not everyone would support your decisions and ideas, but you have to suck it up and give your best shot.

Play with confidence

Body language says a lot – we can understand the outcome of the game based on players’ body language. When the opponent smell fear or nervousness, he / she is going to take a swing at you. If you are nervous, fake it till you make it because attitude is everything 🙂

You cannot be number one everyday

Failure is part and parcel of life. You cannot win everyday. 100 odd players enter the tournament but there is only one winner. Doesn’t mean the rest give up, they come back next year / tournament better and stronger. Whatever you do, do your best. Play like a champion everyday, don’t let bad days ruin your best.

Health is wealth

So many talented players end their careers early due to injuries. These injuries are definitely unfortunate and not a result of being unfit / unhealthy. However, it is a lesson for everyone, no matter how educated or talented you are, sickness slows you down and burns a whole in your purse. Eat healthy and stay fit.

Don’t underestimate the underdog

All tennis fans know this is real talk. You root for the top player, but the underdog comes on top 🙂 If you are the underdog, don’t fear; if you are the dominant, don’t overlook. Always remain competitive, don’t let your guard down.

Finally, with everything you do Serve it, Smash it, Win it and Love it.

Any other valuable lessons I missed, comment below and let me know 🙂

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My name is Omalee (pronounced Oh-maa-lee) and welcome to my blog!

I started this site a couple of years ago, but I gave in to the worse habit of inconsistent posting. So here I am, two years from posting last, to hold myself accountable to regular postings. While my “real day-time job” is more serious, I really enjoy blogging as an open platform to express my thoughts on other avenues that interest me. This site consist of my personal and research driven articles exploring aspects of my life and interests.

Here is a something about me…

I am 26 year old, still discovering who I am . I mean, I am still very young, don’t you agree? I consider my self to be ambitious, independent, an animal lover, loyal and most importantly, HAPPY. I live alone in Sydney, my second home, in a 4 years long-distance relationship with my favourite person on earth, boyfriend of 8+ years. He is the genius behind this website that encouraged me to write. I love adventure. I am the type of person who will say YES and be open to all new experiences, but not value materialistic things. I can make friends and start a conversation with anyone, but I consider my self an introvert.

This is me in a nutshell…

…stick around, keep exploring the site, let me know what you love / dislike the most and where I could improve. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time…

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